Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympic Update

There have been a lot of pretty amazing moments at the Olympics so far, but here are my top 5 favorite things.

5. The crazy fans. The archery finals had fans dressed as Robin Hood. The Brazilians wear crazy green and yellow wigs. The French wear chicken hats. (Not even fun to make fun of... too easy.) Plus the American fans are pretty star spangled.

4. Volleyball. The beach volleyball is basically one big party complete with a dance squad. The beach volleyball is being played in a temporary stadium set up in central London a block from 10 Downing Street. Poor David Cameron must not be getting any sleep as volleyball fans are screaming "Ole!" until past midnight every night.

The indoor volleyball is also fantastic. We got to meet some of the players, including setter Don Suxho. It made me feel pretty tall.

3. The 100m men's final- Usain Bolt... fastest man in the world. This was right before the race.

2. Gabby Douglass winning the gymnastics all around final. She's 16 and moved to Iowa to train when she was 14. Iowa. That's dedication.

1. Michael Phelps. Watching him swim in Beijing and again in London has been incredible. I saw every one of his races in London and got teary eyed after his last gold. It's the end of an era but it sure has been fun.

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