Thursday, September 8, 2011


After 12 hours of trains and buses, I made it from Yogya to Bromo, a gorgeous volcano in east Java. Elisa and I woke up at 3am to climb the nearby hill and watch the sunrise over Bomo. Absolutely stunning. We then climbed Bromo and were able to look into the steaming center of the volcano. Really amazing, but not a place you want to lose your balance.

We then took a three hour ride to Surabaya, a town in east Java which not even the ever crunchy Lonely Planet guidebook can get excited about, calling it pandemonium writ large. We tried an ice cream shop that Lonely Planet recommended and all of the flavors just tasted like rum. Interesting choice for a heavily Muslim city.

We have a flight from here to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow afternoon. It will be sad to leave Indonesia, but more adventures await!

Bromo pictures are up:

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