Sunday, September 25, 2011


Taipei was a blast! On the plane ride here, I read up on the etiquette. Here are my faves:
3. The number four is unlucky because it sounds like the Mandarin word for death.
2. Do not give shoes to the elderly as a gift. This is interpreted as urging them on their way out of this life.
1. do not whistles or ring a bell at night. This is an invitation to ghosts.

Chris and I went up to the observation deck of Taipei 101, the world's second highest skyscraper. It is designed to look like a bamboo shoot. It really is pretty. On the 87th floor there is a 660 ton suspended damper, which is a large ball that helps stabilize the building in case of earthquakes. This being Asia, they have spray painted it bright gold and made it into a mascot- Damper Baby. Damper Baby talks on the videos in a piercingly high voice and graces every souvenir imaginable.

Taipei is a great city- good food, friendly people, and an airport that doesn't require you to take cabs between terminals. Glorious.

I'm on my way to Singapore tonight and then home on Tuesday!

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