Thursday, September 29, 2011


Singapore was the last stop on my 10 country tour. What a great place! Very modern, clean, and easy to get around. I arrived the day after the Grand Prix. The Singapore Grand Prix is the only race that is at night. The city was transformed into a racecourse and the cars zoomed past all the major landmarks. When I arrived, most of the racecourse and stands were still set up. It meant that most of the streets were closed which was great for me, since I was walking around. I took the Singapore Flyer, the largest ferris wheel in the world, for a great view over the city. The Flyer calls itself an observation wheel rather than a ferris wheel, which I imagine implies that it was not assembled by carnies. 

Instead of riding on seats, you ride in these enclosed pods with glass on all sides. Great panoramic views!

(If you can't tell, I'm loving my reunion with my laptop and my ability to add pictures easily.)

Then I checked out Merlion, the symbol of Singapore tourism that was dreamed up in the 1960s. It is half Mermaid, half Lion. Like I said, imagined in the 1960s...

I also explored Chinatown and the old colonial district. Mostly, I decided to follow the guidebook's advice on the two most important things to do in Singapore- eat and shop. I bought a new shirt to wear on the plane, since I hadn't done laundry since KL. (Yeah over 2 weeks). I was worried that I might be quarantined at customs in any of my other clothes.

I'm back home now with some really terrific jetlag. I woke up at 6 pm yesterday. Brutal. On Saturday, I leave for Bulgaria. Then I'm off to Romania, London, Chicago, and Alaska. I'll post some updates then! I've finally purchased a dslr camera so I'll post pictures from that :)

I put up the last of my pictures from my southeast asia trip. For anyone not on facebook, the links are:




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