Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brunei and Manila

Brunei was so shiny! There is an amazing mosque there with golden domes and beautiful stained glass windows. A bank attempted to build a building that was taller than the mosque and the sultan ordered that the top floor of the building be removed. It must be nice to be sultan. There is also a Royal Regalia museum. The entire first floor is taken up by a recreation of the sultan's coronation parade, complete with giant chariot. There is also a recreation of the sultan's Jubilee parade, including an even larger chariot. Once again, it's good to be sultan. On the second floor, there are displays of the gifts that other heads of state have given the sultan. If you're wondering  what to get a guy who has everything, the answers range from a gorgeous silver miniature of Angkor Wat (from Cambodia) to a colorful shield with your own picture in the middle.

I was ready to leave by the end. Having 9 pools and no chance for a Bloody Mary (Brunei is Muslim and there's no alcohol) was too depressing. When I asked the hotel how early I needed to get to the airport, the woman asked me if my flight was international. There's one airport in Brunei...

I'm now in Manila. I spent last night in an 8 bed dorm listening to karaoke from the bar downstairs. Who knew Celine Dion was still so popular. Apparently my heart will still go on.

I spent the day sightseeing in Manila. It's a much more charming town than I expected. I leave tonight for Palau, an island country east of the Philippines. I'll be diving there for a week. So excited! The diving is supposed to be amazing.

I come back to the US two weeks from today. It is hard to believe that 6 weeks and 6 countries have already flown by!

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  1. "Who knew Celine Dion was still so popular. Apparently my heart will still go on." I don't know why, but I laughed at that part, lol.