Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kuala Lumpur and the Empire Hotel

KL was great. Elisa and I waited in line forever for tickets to go up the sky bridge that connects the Petronas towers. We were lucky since it closes for 3 months of renovation starting next week. The view was amazing and totally worth the wait. KL is a huge city. It was fun to walk around, get cheap massages and try the food. Elisa is back in Paris now and I'm in Brunei.

After weeks of hostels with squat toilets etc., I splurged and I'm staying at this crazy hotel built by the sultan in Brunei for a totally reasonable 1.1 billion. There are nine swimming pools, lots of Italian marble, and my hotel room is bigger than my law school apartment. It's like Vegas but without the willingness to laugh at itself. I'm going out to explore the rest of Brunei today and then I fly to Manila tonight where it will be back to dorm beds.

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