Monday, September 5, 2011


OK I really want a komodo dragon as a pet. They may have anger issues and may eat their own kind alive, but is that really so different from first year law students? I took a boat out to Rinca island, which is in the Komodo National Park. It is never guaranteed that you'll see dragons, but I was lucky. I saw at least 10! A number of them were lurking around the ranger station, because they could smell someone cooking. The ranger offered to take a picture of me sitting in front of them, but then took like 10 pictures, which produced a series with me looking more and more nervous the longer my back was turned to the dragons.

He then led me on a hike through the island to look for dragons. At one point there was a tree with a ton of skulls of the dragons' prey which the ranger identified- buffalo, deer, monkey, unwary tourist... (followed by only his hysterical laughter). The dragons really were amazing. There was one that had a broken foot and looked so sad that I really wanted to take him home with me. Another thing to add to the list of things to adopt from Southeast Asia. Apparently he has a broken foot because he has an especially violent temperment and won't stop picking fights with the other dragons. I'm such a good judge of dragon character.

The diving in Komodo is the best diving that I've ever done. In the first five minutes of my first dive, I'd seen a shark, a turtle, and a giant moray eel. Unreal. On the second dive, I saw about 40 manta rays and it isn't even manta season!

After two flights, I'm now in Yogyakarta, Indonesia which is on the island of Java (where Jakarta is). Tomorrow, at 5am, I'm off to see Borobudur, the most popular tourist site in all of Indonesia. It is a huge temple built in the 9th century. Then off to Prambanan, another amazing temple. I may well be awake until 5am anyways since my room is on top of a karaoke bar. This is karma for the night in college I thought I could sing Lady Marmalade. The room also has a squat toilet. It's basically awesome.

I added more dive pics to my Gilli T album:

And Komodo pics are up:


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